The "Captain Reis"


The “Captain Reis” the group faced at the Trade Sea was most likely an imposter, but one must be even madder to dare pose as him. It is, however, suspected that the man was the sole survivor of the Montaigne ship, the Anchovy, which was hunted for weeks and in the end had one sole survivor. Perhaps the survivor was so twisted by the experience that he had begun to believe he was Captain Reis himself to cope.

  • He faced off against the heroes and was lost at sea, believed to have been swallowed by the Mawth. (Alas, Such Fates ep03 : 7th Sea)

*He has escaped using the Porte Sorcery he knows, Walking to the bloodied harpoon on the side of the Muerte. (Alas, Such Fates ep03 : 7th Sea)


The "Captain Reis"

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