The Guissola
A conspiracy exists at the center of a web of intrigue, one whose threads reach far and wide across the different Nations.    Two groups of heroes find themselves inexplicably drawn into its complicated web, with one group directly tied to the dead inventor, Nisab Guissola, and the other one more intimately connected to heart of the scheme.

This is a shared-world 7th Sea campaign, with two different groups playing in a single inter-connected saga.  

The first is Alas, Such Fates.  
Four heroes find themselves lead to specific events, dealing with threats and being lead to blessures that are in need of closing.  Who made them, and who is leading them both remain questions that simply lead to more questions.  But could it be that their acts of heroism are merely furthering the schemes of a obfuscated mastermind?

The second is The Nisab Diary.
Three friends are gathered to pay respects to a departed companion.  News inform them that her death was one by her own hand, having leapt from the cliffs on the isle of Rambaldi for reasons she alone will understand.

But what if her suicide was not suicide, but murder?  And what if her death is connected to the esoteric inventions that she had been designing?  Do answers lie in her works, which they have been stolen, hidden or destroyed?  Or do simply more questions lie in the pages of the Nisab Diary?