The Guissola

Letter to Die Kreuzritter 01

The Nisab Diary

To Die Kreuzritter,

Reporting a couple of new monsters that I've recently encountered.
Here is what I could muster during my group's encounters with them:
The Fur-Fangs
 - 5-limbed
 - Fast
 - Deadly
 - Active at night
 - Each limb moves like some sort of tentacle
 - One side has fur on all the limbs
 - The other side has razor sharp fangs, a lot of them
 - Stealthy enough to creep up on you at night
 - They're drawn to loud sounds
 - They come in groups
 - There seems to be a leader of the group
 - I hurt one with a gunshot, I think
 - Kill them by decapitating the limbs
The Laugh Berry Tree
 - A tree monster that can move its branches like tentacles
 - The strength of a single branch can hurl a man at least 20 feet
 - Is able to think and sense danger
 - The tree is active at night, activities during the day are unknown
 - The tree cannot be hunted alone
 - Drakkeneisen is able to cut the branches
 - Younger/Smaller trees can cling to other trees as a means to hide
 - Its branches cannot be burned!
 - The tree bears the Laugh Berry
    – Oddly shaped berries
    - Has this small seed that seems to dissipate
    - The stench of it is heavenly
    - Do not open
    - Probably the most delicious berry to be mixed in bread
    - DO NOT EAT
    - If eaten, you will feel ecstacy and will make you laugh (hence the name)
    - If eaten, it will bore through your insides and drink your blood
    - It will grow inside of you and will flower and bear fruit once you're drained
    - If eaten, regurgitate at once and regurgitate all of it
    - Stomping the smaller branches seem to kill them
I will report more information if I come across them. Fellow Kreuzritter Kurt aided me with the compilation of the details stated here.

May the night bring horrors to the horrors we see
Walden Reichart


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