Gasparo Angelo


Male or female, the villain known as Gasparo Angelo was known to be a female Vodacce Witch who terrorized towns and stole from Vesten banks. However, her death was greatly celebrated in one of Tassine Bullet’s dreadfuls as she narrates facing off against the villain, who was shot then fell to her death down a waterfall.

Has resurfaced as a man and seemingly is actively part of some villainous scheme.

Was sighted, as a woman, at Penitence, near Buche, stealing from a bank along bandits. Escaped. (Alas, Such Fates, episode 1).

Was again sighted and fought near Charcoal, along the river near Starke. Tried to kill Gudrun Hass, cousin of Reikion. (The Nisab Diary, episode 4)

Was again sighted attempting to steal a book in the Southern Tower with the Red Door in a duchy at Avalon. Plunged to her death in the burning tower. (Alas, Such Fates, episode 4)


Gasparo Angelo

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